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With a global network of strategic partners and a versatile fleet of vessels, we offer comprehensive shipping solutions tailored to your international transportation requirements. We recognize the importance of timeliness when it comes to cargo, and we are committed to delivering with precision and punctuality. Safety and sustainability are paramount in our operations, encompassing eco-conscious practices and stringent safety protocols to safeguard your cargo and the environment alike.

Ocean Freight Transportation

At the heart of our operations lies our expertise in ocean freight transportation, from single (spot) cargoes to comprehensive contracts of affreightment. Your success is our goal, and our freight solutions can be tailored to your specific needs, with maximum optionality to withstand unforeseen trade interruptions. We approach each day with the mindset of being a competitive, value-adding partner, pre- and post-fixture.

With a global outreach, we operate across the Handysize, Supra, and Panamax segments worldwide, enabling us to transport cargo sizes ranging from 5,000-tonne parcels to 85,000 tonnes of raw materials.

We specialize in the transportation of diverse cargo types, ranging from clean commodities like bagged rice, sugar, and grains to bulk materials such as solid fuels, minerals, and cementitious products."

Our flexible fleet comprises modern, certified bulk carriers that meet the most stringent safety standards. Our membership with SKULD P&I and compguarantees the safety of your cargo when entrusted to us.

Freight & Trade Finance

Empowering success across industries: We understand that navigating the financial complexities of global trades with unforeseen delays, and letters of credit can be daunting and often demands a nuanced approach. Our flexible freight and trade financing solutions boost cash flow. Through custom-tailored financing options, we empower our clients to excel in their specific sectors. Reach out to us for further details.

Commercial management

We offer an array of commercial management services for Shipowners in the dry bulk segment. With a customer focused approach, we provide expert guidance and efficient execution to strategically deploy your vessels, ensuring optimal utilization and profitability.

Our services encompass

  • Chartering. Voyage estimation, voyage and time charterparty negotiation, In-depth market analysis to provide insights into chartering opportunities and market trends, trade triangulation. Weekly alignment on Risk Tolerance, exposure and market strategy.
  • Operations. Vessel Operations, Laytime, computing hire and freight statements, bunkering, Weather Routing, Port DA handling, ETS Reporting and more
  • Network Advantage. Tap into our extensive network of dependable stakeholders to gain valuable leverage.
  • P&I, Marine Insurance and Third-Party Claims. Efficient management of P&I, Insurance and third-party claims in case of unforeseen events.
  • Dispute resolution. Solving conflicts efficiently and amicably.
  • Reporting. Accounting, P&L Overview, comprehensive performance statistics and vast options for extracting data.
  • Sale and Purchase. Specialized services for the sale and purchase of second-hand ships, identifying new business cases (not limited to dry bulk)

Contact us today to explore our tailored commercial management services.

Our values - Our Core values: ARIES

At Aries Bulk, our values form the bedrock of our identity, guiding our every action and decision. The acronym ARIES encapsulates the principles we hold dear:

  • A - Authenticity. Authenticity is a cornerstone in our culture. It attracts the like-minded and allow us to adapt and grow while staying true to our ourselves, our values, our clients, and our mission. Our relationships are built on trust, transparency, and genuine connections. Sincerity in our actions, words, and intentions is non-negotiable.
  • R - Respect & Responsibility. We treat all stakeholders with respect, valuing diverse cultures, perspectives and contributions. It promotes constructive conflict resolution, fostering positive relationships. Responsibility is our commitment to accountability, ensuring we adhere to legal compliance, prioritize employee welfare, and honor our contractual obligations.
  • I - Innovation. Innovation fuels our progress. We continuously seek creative solutions, pushing boundaries to drive growth and improvement in all we do. In an industry with vast amounts of data, we embrace technological advancements and our adaptability fosters an engaged and motivated workforce that is excited to contribute to our ongoing success.
  • E - Excellence & Enthusiasm. Excellence is our standard. We pursue it relentlessly, striving for the highest quality and service in all aspects of our operation. Enthusiasm infuses our work, igniting a passion that drives us forward. This infectious energy drives us to overcome challenges, inspire others, and create an environment where creativity thrives.
  • S - Spirituality. Our existence and purpose goes beyond profit making; creating value for others, travel, enjoying cross-cultural relationships and having a healthy work-life balance to nurture body and mind. That is what truly engages and motivates our employees.

These values are more than words; they are the guiding forces shaping our company culture and driving our commitment to you, our valued clients and partners. With ARIES as our compass, we navigate the maritime business world with purpose, integrity, and a dedication to mutual success.

Welcome to a company that embodies its values every day - Aries Bulk.

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